OCTOBER 7, 2017 – MAY 5, 2018

Take the #InnerBeauty CHALLENGE NOW. Help end human trafficking.

Observed annually on October 7, National Inner Beauty Day is a special day celebrating the beauty within
all of us. It was created by Roma Newton, founder and CEO of the connoisseur brand promotion and talent
management agency 6Degrees Management, in partnership with National Day Calendar. The Calendar is
known as the go-to source for information on national holidays. We believe everyone has admirable inner
qualities that can passionately voice their humanity. But that story is often untold. It’s one that uniquely
expresses who we really are as individuals.

We challenge you to join this cause and add your voice by expressing your #InnerBeauty.

Celebrity #InnerBeauty Challenge Takers

Patrick Duffy, Actor
Trafficked (2017)
DeAnna Pappas Stagliano
The Bachelorette
Conroy Kanter, Film Producer
Trafficked (2017)
Alpa Banker, Actress
Trafficked (2017)
Lance Manibog
Kelly Washington, Actress
Trafficked (2017)
Jessica Obilom, Actress
Trafficked (2017)

More Celebrity Challenge Takers Coming Soon!

Let's end human trafficking together!


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Through National Inner Beauty Day and the ongoing #InnerBeauty Challenge each of us can reintroduce the world to that confident, loving, one of a kind person that has been dormant for way too long.

Let yourself shine and give others permission to do the same. Imagine what we can do by celebrating our true selves. You can make one of the most important choices in life: find value in yourself.

Read on to learn how to share what your inner beauty looks like by taking the #InnerBeauty Challenge. And remember to Like us and Share our message.
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The Inner Beauty Challenge

The Inner Beauty Challenge starts October 7 and ends May 5, 2018POST YOUR PHOTO OR VIDEO TODAY!
National Inner Beauty Day is officially celebrated annually on October 7th. The day kicks off the National #InnerBeauty Challenge. The 2017-2018 Challenge runs from October 7, 2017 until May 5, 2018. LEARN MORE

How to get involved:

The Inner Beauty Challenge starts October 7 and ends May 8, 2018


1. The challenge is open to everyone, however participants under age 18 must appear with an adult.

2. Be creative and have fun!

3. Please do not use derogatory language or images depicting graphic violence or the suggestion of bondage.
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Help End Human Trafficking. Take the #InnerBeauty Challenge.

We challenge you to join this cause and add your voice by expressing your #InnerBeauty.
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